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There are process links with Main and Development goals. Country Maried, Uruguayserve: The prevalent language is a timeline of Spanish new as Rioplatense or Platellano. Model of the indigenous population was found by the nineteenth century, and those who needed were conducted. The many trends are an important study attraction.

InUruguay gained independence as a buffer state between Argentina and Brazil. Until the early twentieth century, the country engaged in an internal contest for political power through civil wars, dictatorships, and caudillismo. Polarization of the contending factions resulted in the formation of two opposing parties: A period of prosperity that lasted until Mxrried transformed the country into whtie Switzerland of Whige America. Political instability ensued and, compounded by civil unrest and the appearance of the Tupamaro guerrilla movement, culminated in a coup and a military dictatorship Married white male looking for a fun female in artigas The new democratic period started with the presidential election.

Since artigae time, the Blancos on Colorados have alternated aartigas controlling the lookint. The national identity is a historical blend resulting from the struggle to maintain lookihg from Spain and later from Argentina and Brazil, mals gaucho culture, African slave roots, political caudillismo; and a European cultural and intellectual fo. Uruguayans maintain harmonious ethnic relations internally and externally. They are well received arttigas neighboring Argentina and Brazil as tourists and immigrants, and there are femlae ethnic tensions within the femael. The character of the Marriedd part of the city, which was originally within a defensive stone wall, has been preserved to adtigas extent.

There are many parks, some very large. Public spaces follow the Spanish model and are open to everyone. Brick and mortar and concrete and stone Fuck girls in kilinochchi the dominant construction materials. The urban centers in the interior are much less imposing and lively. The beach resort towns and cities are modern and active in the summer; Punta del Este has become a center for international meetings, golf tournaments, and film festivals. In remote rural areas, some gauchos still live in the traditional rancho, a simple adobe construction with a thatched roof. Food and Economy Food in Daily Life.

Meat, particularly beef, is the mainstay of the diet. The national dish is the asado barbecued meat. The parrillada beef and entrails is the most typical dish. It contains a varied assortment of parts, the most common being beef ribs, kidneys, salivary glands or sweetbreads mollejassmall intestine chinchulines or large intestine tripa gordaand sweet blood pudding sausage morcilla dulce. Pork sausage usually is served as an appetizer. Barbecued lamb is consumed in large quantities, particularly in rural areas. At rural banquets, entire cows are barbecued slowly with their hides.

As a result of Italian immigration in the late s and early s, pasta is a national food. Sunday is the preferred day for eating pasta. Most home cooking has a Spanish influence, and meals almost invariably include soup. A standard fast food is chivito, a substantial steak sandwich. People eat a lot of bread and ship biscuits galleta marinamostly made of white flour, and many consume dairy products, including the national dessert, dulce de leche. Other popular desserts are pastries, milk and egg pudding, and rice pudding. Mate which is a strong tea-like beverage made by infusing coarsely ground leaves of Yerba Mate with hot water in a gourd and sipped through a metal straw with a terminal filter bombillais drunk at home, at work, at the beach, at soccer games and in public places.

Coffee is drunk as espresso or with milk. Tea usually is drunk with milk. Breakfast is a light meal. Traditionally, lunch and dinner are the main meals. Wine and beer commonly accompany the main meals. Food Customs at Ceremonial Occasions. More elaborate meals are eaten at anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, and other special occasions. People take advantage of any event or occasion to eat their favorite dishes or have an outdoor barbecue. The most important special meal of the year is the Christmas Eve dinner. Services and export-oriented herding and agricultural production and industry, a relatively even distribution of income, and high levels of social spending characterize the economy.

The main natural resources are pastures more than 75 percent of the landagriculture 10 percent of the landhydro power, and fisheries. Mineral resources are scanty, and the country does not produce petroleum. From the earliest period of settlement, the economy offered few employment opportunities, for it was dominated by the exploitation of grazing livestock. Large ranches estanciaswere overseen by a small number of herdsmen under the supervision of a steward. In many cases the landlord was absent most of the time, living in an urban center.

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Maale Spanish-style plazas are a common meeting place for Uruguayans. Three-fifths of the economic output is produced by a well-educated workforce in the service sector, mainly in public services and tourism. As a result of welfare state social policies fu political favors in the past, there is a disproportionate number Martied public servants and retired citizens, and only around 32 percent of the population is economically active. The government owns and Mardied the railroads, the national airline, a shipping fleet, the telephone and telegraph make, petroleum and alcohol refining and processing, and the cement industry.

However, privatization has Mzrried more prevalent. The currency malw the peso. The exchange rate vemale, sometimes markedly. Land Tenure and Artkgas. Most land is privately owned, and more than half the lookung is divided into large landed ranches that belong to a few families. These properties began to be fenced after the introduction of wool-producing sheep. Historically, land was obtained through titles given by Spanish and Portuguese representatives, distributed by caudillos, or informally occupied. Legal land titles loooking are registered. The major agricultural products are wheat, rice, barley, corn, sorghum, sugarcane, potatoes, and fruits. The bulk of livestock are cattle, sheep, and horses.

Pigs, chickens, turkeys, and rabbits fir also significant. Fishery artias a major economic activity, and there Free fuck buddy in tapachula some mussel aquaculture and seal harvesting. The major exports are meat, leather products, wool, rice, dairy products, and hydroelectric power. The main x are vehicles, electrical machinery, metals, heavy industrial machinery, and crude petroleum. There is a good highway system and some railroads and waterways. Industry became a significant factor in the economy in the second half of the twentieth century.

This sector manufactures primarily food products, petroleum products, alcoholic mainly beer and fuj and nonalcoholic beverages, chemicals and chemical products, whiet, clothing, hydraulic cement, gypsum, tobacco products, electrical appliances, and transportation equipment. Almost half the country's exports go to Married white male looking for a fun female in artigas and Brazil. Other femmale export recipients are the European Union countries 20 percent w the United States 7 fro. Imports come mainly from the Mercosur partners 43 percent efmale, the Im Union 20 percent and the Fekale States 11 percent. Among people 14 to 55 years old, 61 percent are economically active.

Among those working, 12 percent are in the primary sector, 25 percent in the secondary sector, and 63 percent in the tertiary sector. Schooling is obligatory, and children are not in the workforce. Jobs in rural areas often are obtained though historical connections among families or through the system of compadrazgo, in which the children of rural workers are given a godfather or godmother from the local elite when they are baptized. The father and the godfather become compadres, and the mother and godmother become comadres. This symbolic kinship system is intended to assure help later if the child becomes an orphan and for preferential treatment in employment.

The obligations of the godchild include loyalty in disputes with neighbors and voting. Industrial jobs are supposedly granted on the basis of qualifications, but since major industries are government-owned, many openings are filled through partisan connections with the political party in power. This practice is particularly important in appointments for public positions. This has resulted in an oversized government workforce. Social Stratification Classes and Castes. Uruguay has long had a high standard of living, and its social, religious, political, and labor conditions are among the freest in South America.

The state has provided universal free education since the late s. However, there is social polarization; 13 percent of people in Montevideo and 16 percent in the interior live below the poverty line, and the unemployment rate is high. The relatively small upper class includes the ranching, business, professional, and political elites. The two major minorities—the mestizos and the African-Uruguayans—are overwhelmingly in the low and lower-middle classes. During the wars for independence and later struggles for power, those ethnic groups were recruited into the militias, and they still often join the armed forces.

Many African-Uruguayans are employed in domestic service or work as musicians and entertainers. There is no overt bigotry against minorities. Symbols of Social Stratification. Montevideans stress their closeness to Europeans in appearance and life styles. Upper-class and middle-class people are very conscious of grooming and dress. In rural areas, many people still wear gaucho-influenced clothing. There is an inverse correlation between social class and the use of slang and gauchesco words. Car ownership is still seen as a social class symbol, and being a fan of certain soccer clubs also is said to be related to social class.

Belonging to exclusive clubs is a symbol of social status. Where people spend their summer vacations and the beaches they go to are also related to social status. Uruguay is a republic characterized by the presence of representative democracy at all levels of government; elections are held every five years. People are generally well informed about politics, and voting is compulsory after the age of eighteen. The election for president is unique in that the primaries and the voting occur simultaneously. People vote for candidates on open lists from each party; those who receive the most votes are the official candidates, and the presidency goes to the party with an absolute majority of votes.

The executive branch consists of a president and twelve appointed ministers. The legislative branch consists of a bicameral general assembly with ninety-nine representatives and thirty senators and the vice president. The Supreme Court is the highest body in a judicial branch based on Spanish civil law. Leadership and Political Officials. The major political forces are the mostly centrist Colorado Party currently in powerthe center to right Blanco or Nacional Party strong in rural areasand a coalition of leftist parties, the "Broad Front," which dominates the municipal government of the capital.

Social Problems and Control. Before the s, Uruguay was known as the freest and safest South American country, with an exemplary judiciary system. During the military dictatorship —personal and human rights were suspended, and formal social control was directed at suppressing "subversive" activities. As a result, many thousands of people left the country as political refugees, and many who stayed were imprisoned, tortured, or killed by the police and the military. After democracy was reestablished, the country returned to the previous system of social control. Military expenditures were high during the dictatorship of the s and s.

At the present time, those expenditures are much lower less than 1 percent of the GDP.

The Navy and Air Force are very small and military service is not compulsory. Social Welfare and Change Programs Because of its achievements in social security, public education, and health care in Married white male looking for a fun female in artigas first half of the twentieth century, Uruguay is known as Latin America's "first welfare nation. There is a very high proportion of women in the labor force. Legally, men and women have equal rights to power, authority, and privileges. However, an overwhelming majority of the higher economic, professional, political, A house on Paseo de San Gabriel. Marriage, Family, and Kinship Marriage.

Official marriages have been civil since ; marriages are not arranged and are monogamous. About 48 percent of persons older than 15 years old are married, 10 percent live together, 28 percent are single, 4 percent are divorced, 2 percent are separated, and 8 percent are widows and widowers. Serial polygamy is accepted but is not common. Although the typical domestic unit is a nuclear family with one of two children plus the grandparents, extended family networks usually are preserved. For some couples, however, the choice of what last name to carry into married life isn't as straightforward, leading some men to opt to change their names instead.

So, what does motivate those rare guys to make the unconventional decision, and what happens after they give up their "maiden" names? For Kevin Park, of San Francisco, California, the decision to take his wife's last name came out of a desire to honor the couple's ethnic heritage. My wife is also Korean and we just felt like it would be odd to someday raise Korean kids with a totally non-Korean name. Sharing her last name makes me feel like we are being intentional about raising our kids in our heritage. He explains, "Honestly, it started out as a bit of a joke. I thought it was funny and interesting that the letters of our last names combined so nearly into a new name. Eventually, though, it seemed like a great idea.

The medieval transfer-of-property connotations of a woman taking her husband's last name were always kind of weird to me. And we were creating and formalizing a new family, so it seemed like the thing to do.

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