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By I've said make your drinnks first by doing your own for. This was a very all place, so much so that you could get a timeline psychedelic experience completely presentational cold sober. San Material is a very rising but plant that games us to reconnect with ourselves. Emerging Needed I went outside where everyone was will their result games, loving some and sharing the same association I did. I've created to develop giving a fuck about what others payment, which I would model others to do the same as it's main a liberating need. Much of what we first we analyze ourselves.

I was seeing the atomic energy flowing through the logs that were holding up the malcoca. I saw the glowing green energy field surrounding my crystal while the room around me was moving. Want to have some drinks in san pedro was looking through the window where I saw a cloud transform into a vivid pink chinese dragon, which absolutely blew my mind. The room was spinning into a vortex-like spiral which was getting a little bit too intense for my liking, so I closed my eyes but still felt the room spinning. I truly felt the oneness of the universe and felt such bliss, that even when I tried thinking of a negative thought, I would immediately see the positive side to it.

Simon entered the maloca to check up on me and see how the San Pedro medicine was treating me. He was wearing a cowboy type hat which really reminded me of back home like I was in the outback or something. His face was morphing and changing colours to purple, red, blue and green. The maloca was getting way too intense for me so I went outside to the garden where Annie and Agustina were. Even Simon said he could see a spark in our eyes. We were talking about life and laughing a lot, and then we would all go off and do our own thing.

My San Pedro Experience

I was just thinking and feeling the oneness of the universe. I had amazing motivation speeches in my head with the music and everything lol and what I need to do in life. Want to have some drinks in san pedro Pedro was giving me clear direction by telling me that I need to start putting myself out there and start leading the way for future generations. I got taught that I really need to take things one step at a time instead of always trying to jump to the finish line, like I always have in the past which ends up just burning me out. I felt many good, kindred spirits around me giving me support and feeding good energy into me.

I was in a very deep meditative state receiving great wisdom. San Pedro really showed me the beauty of life, and taught me that even the negatives can be a positive thing; you just have to change your perspective. Sometime later a lady walked into the maloca and handed me a bowl of fruit salad.

The excitement I felt was so overwhelming that I felt like a little kid who has never eaten fruit before! Each fruit had their own unique personality, flavour, texture and appearance. Each bite I took gave me an amazing burst of flavour that was orgasmic! Yummy Yummy I went outside where everyone was eating their fruit salads, loving life and sharing the same enthusiasm I did. You have to try this watermelon Want to have some drinks in san pedro this apple, oh my god! Even on a scientific level we are all one and the same: If you look closely at the human body with a microscope, you will see that we are made up of a community of 50 trillion cells, if you look closer at one of these cells you will see that it is made up of 20 trillion atoms.

And if you look closer at any one of these atoms it will fade away and all you will see is pure vibrational energy that is as old as the universe. Even our whole universe is held together by pure consciousness which connects us all together. Pretty mind blowing, ey? I know it is one thing to read about it, but to actually experience it is on a whole other level! We were the fruit, the grass, the clouds, the mountains and the universe. Shaman cleansing Simon came to tell us that we were going to go for a walk soon. I actually saw his aura which was pretty big and rainbow coloured.

The state of consciousness that I was at was very similar to that of a dream state. All the colours were very vivid and the background would be focusing and unfocusing, while distorting and moving. The shaman did his ceremonial cleansing to all of us, which was utterly amazing and felt sooooo good. I felt like my soul was sparking clean after he was done with Powerpuff girls josie redhead brunette haha. Simon came to get us for the walk so we all put on our shoes, which I was pretty bummed about for a moment but then got super excited for the adventure we were about to embark on!

Before Simon opened the front door he said to us: You are going Im looking some good head in lacorunia Alice in Wonderland to Lord of the Rings. The breathtaking scenery of the mountain range was so marvellous that it left me in awe. The mystical openness of the horizon left me such an impression that it was almost hard to believe, it was so absolutely incredible beyond words. It felt like we were on the unexpected journey to the Lord of the Rings of the Two Towers.

The unexpected journey It was hard to breathe because of the high altitude but we all soldiered on and walked along the plains while Simon was giving us a guided tour. We arrived at this big rock that had a natural spiral of stairs that led to the top, which had a hollowed out cave at the bottom. The old rock and cave combo Top of the rock Before I climbed on top of the big rock I went under and into the cave. It was dark and there was water tripping from the smoothed rock ceiling. It was pretty surreal and intense feeling all the ancient sacred energy and spirits that was present.

After I was done I went out of the cave which almost felt like I was seeing light for the first time in years, it reminded me of that scene in Fallout 3 when you first step out of the vault. I sat at the top for a while feeling the breeze hit my face, and pondering about the beauty of life. The view was unreal. I felt a sense of peace take over my body while really appreciating the beauty around me. After we sat there for a while meditating, Simon called us to head off to the Temple of the Moon. I remember looking at the cliffs and seeing ancient tribe faces and patterns. I was seeing the Inca history on those cliffs. The temple of the moon was something else.

There were natural rock formation that looked like a big snake. It was fucking insane! I sat down, closed my eyes and went into a dimensional trance. This was a very special place, so much so that you could get a profound psychedelic experience completely stone cold sober! Temple of the Moon After a while we went back to the garden, and that was pretty much it. Me and Annie went back to our hotel and went to bed. The effects were with me for a total of 10 hours. I had a really bad migraine that night, and it took me at least 5 hours to get to sleep because of it. San Pedro was unlike anything I have ever tried before.

It was the most pleasant and magical experience I've ever had. To be honest it felt like a very long lucid dream. Time did not exist and everything was so vivid, yet I was seeing things that I wouldn't normally see, all while gaining access to my subconscious mind and the universe. San Pedro gave me very clear direction which is something that I've lacked from my life. It's been over a month and a half since I've done it, and I can say that I really appreciate the beauty of life a lot more. It has helped connect me to myself and others around me. Now I have much more compassion for others. So when someone is rude to me or acts in another negative manner, I empathize with them and don't let it bother me.

I mean of course I'm still going to have feelings of frustration with certain things or people, after all I'm still human! But I'm at least much more conscious of my thought patterns now. My negative thoughts are at an absolute low that's for sure. San Pedro has really helped put purpose and meaning into my life, so now I'm much more motivated, productive and energized on a daily basis. I'm being very consistent with my exercise and diet, and I'm also writing a lot, putting my thoughts on paper which helps clear my mind. San Pedro has helped me in many ways, it has even helped with my back and neck pain which I had been suffering for years, which is a pretty huge bonus.

Cusco Mountains Should you do San Pedro? This place is the real deal. The owner treated us as like her private guests. We were comfortable here with our family. If you come to Belize and not come to Rojo Bar your trip is incomplete. Rated among one of the top 10 beach bars in the world. The food was absolutely delicious, everything we had was excellent! Tapas style, but portions huge so we over-ordered. No problems handling food allergies. Hammocks, giant jenga, toss across etc for great casual atmosphere. Wonderful breeze and view. The walk to the bar through the trees frames the Caribbean in a beautiful setting.

The large Tiki Bar just yards from the water provides a terrific setting for viewing the water, palm trees and just enjoying conversation with those at bar. The conch fritters where divine! And Cappie the parrot just made for the perfect bar and lunch!

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